wrnch AI

Teaching Machines to Read Human Body Language

wrnch AI is a body-tracking software that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to track and process human motion in real time.

Our proprietary wrnch AI software enables companies and developers to create frictionless human-machine interactions across a wide range of areas and industries. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use, requiring only one’s existing infrastructure and hardware.

wrnch AI finds the people in the pixels.

Original Image

Extracted via Computer Vision

Augmented with 3D Costume

Transported to a Completely Synthetic World



wrnch is doing amazing work in pose estimation.

– Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

About wrnch

wrnch is an AI and computer vision software engineering company based in Montreal, Canada, a renowned hub for AI, special effects and game technology.

Working with leading companies across a variety of industries, wrnch delivers body-tracking applications through cutting-edge deep learning and game engine technology. The wrnch team possesses a wide range of skills, from deep learning and CV engineering to hardcore C++ game development.

A post-revenue startup, wrnch was founded by Paul Kruszewski, a successful serial AI entrepreneur, and is supported by knowledgeable and pragmatic investors, such as Mark Cuban.

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