Yes, wrnch Engine for iOS supports real-time streaming. wrnch Engine for Cloud is our non-real-time system. For real-time streaming on the cloud, you can take the wrnch Engine and put it in your own cloud-based system.

Wherever software needs to see and understand human behaviour.

Pricing is specific to each product. Please go to our Developer Portal to view your licensing options.

Unlike Kinect and Kinect 2, wrnch AI does not use structured light and as such can work with any camera in any environment.

wrnch Engine is a professionally developed and supported commercial product that is designed to be deployed at scale. Consequently, wrnchAI outperforms OpenPose both in terms of computational efficiency and ease of development. See why professional developers chose wrnch AI: https://www.learnopencv.com/pose-detection-comparison-wrnchai-vs-openpose/

No, it is not. wrnch Engine is a proprietary engine based on wrnch’s own datasets.

No it is not. wrnch Engine is a commercial computer vision engine.

Currently, developers can use the wrnch Engine SDK to extract FBX data programatically. In the future, we intend to support this via non-programmer tool. Please write [email protected] to be added to the wait list.

We do not sell cameras. The wrnch Engine is designed to work with any RGB camera. In the future, we intend to support other pixel sensor sources such as RGBD and RF. Refer to our Technical Information section for more.

wrnch Engine is designed to work on any hardware device with sufficient processing speed to process images in near, real-time. Refer to our Technical Information section for more.

Yes. wrnch Engine has an integration for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Android support is on our roadmap but is currently unsupported.


wrnch builds powerful AI tools for software developers. A “wrench” is the engineer’s ultimate tool. We did loseless compression on the “e” in “wrench” to create “wrnch”

No, Dr. Paul did not pitch on SharkTank. He met Mark Cuban via his network.

As a board member and mentor, Mark is a fantastic supporter of wrnch and regularly helps both in front of scenes and behind.

Dr. Paul founded wrnch in April 2014 at the deep tech incubator TandemLaunch.

In 2000, when he founded his first company AI.implant, there were very few PhDs in computer science working in video games. Additionally, “KRUSZEWSKI” (pronounced “crew-chef-ski”) is effectively unpronounceable to the human eye when written, so people just defaulted with “Dr. Paul”. It has stuck and grown since for the 2 subsequent companies.


It will be our pleasure to answer any remaining questions that you may have