Built on years of expertise in the gaming and film & video
industries, wrnch is developing the world’s most advanced
human-centric computer vision engine.


wrnch is a computer vision / deep learning software engineering company based in Montréal, Canada, a world-renowned hub for AI and visual computing. The wrnch AI platform enables software developers to quickly and easily give their applications the ability to see and understand human motion, shape, and intent.

wrnch was founded by Dr. Paul Kruszewski, a seasoned AI entrepreneur with two successful exits. With a background in computer science, his two previous companies expanded the realm of autonomous characters and crowds for the gaming and motion picture industries. At wrnch, Dr. Paul and his team of elite computer vision scientists and engineers are building the world’s most advanced human-centric computer vision engine.

Founded in 2014, wrnch’s early investors include the world-renowned investor Mark Cuban and the leading camera innovator Nikon. wrnch is already working with customers throughout the world, helping create innovative solutions for health, sports, and entertainment applications. Have a look at our showcase and be inspired by some of the most amazing projects built using wrnch’s engine, including Intel’s broadcast application for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.