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wrnch Inc and NVIDIA: Animate 3D Characters in NVIDIA Omniverse Applications

Simplify the process of animating 3D digital characters in immersive games and interactive applications using the wrnch AI Pose Estimator extension in the NVIDIA Omniverse. The wrnch extension package works with:  

  • NVIDIA Omniverse Machinima is an Omniverse application designed to assist creators to remix, recreate and redefine animated video game storytelling. It offers a rich set of tools and extensions that include: 
    • NVIDIA Material Definition Library (MDL): Render realistic scenes using materials, surfaces, and textures from MDL or 3rd-party asset libraries, 
    • NVIDIA PhysX and Flow extensions: Create breath-taking visual effects,
    • NVIDIA Audio2Face technology: Animate a face with only an audio track,
    • wrnch AI Pose Estimator extension: Incorporate 3D animated characters that mimic human motion captured from videos.
  • NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful, real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines. From within the Omniverse Platform, developers can leverage the wrnch AI Pose Estimator extension in Omniverse applications.  

Together, wrnch Inc. and NVIDIA are simplifying the process of capturing the human motion, AI pose estimation, and 3D character animation so that gamers and developers can create interactive applications that understand and respond to human motion.

wrnch Extension for NVIDIA Omniverse 

This wrnch extension package for NVIDIA Omniverse includes:  

  • wrnch CaptureStream – a free application that you can download to an iOS device or NVIDIA-GPU powered PC to perform markerless motion capture. As you capture human performance, the wrnch Engine detects humans in the video feed and uses powerful human pose estimation algorithms to track skeletal joints to infer human poses and motion. The wrnch Engine outputs 3D animation data using the wrnch eXchange (wrXchange) data protocol. 
  • wrnch AI Pose Estimator extension is an Omniverse extension. With the extension, you can search and find a wrnch CaptureStream application running on a local network. As the human pose data is transmitted to Omniverse in real time, the extension translates the wrX data stream into USD (Universal Scene Description) – a 3D description and format file developed by Pixar for content interchange – where it can be mapped to a 3D virtual character in Omniverse. 

Discover how you can get up and running using the tools and extension to add life-like 3D characters to enhance your storytelling watch the videos below or read the product documentation. 

Introducing the wrnch AI Pose Estimator Extension for NVIDIA Omniverse:

Using wrnch CaptureStream for iOS Devices:

Using wrnch CaptureStream for PCs:

Using the wrnch CaptureStream Command Line Client for PCs:

Using the wrnch AI Pose Estimator Extension for NVIDIA Omniverse: