Partners – Unreal Engine

wrnch Inc and Unreal EngineAnimate 3D Characters in Unreal Engine Games and Applications

Simplify the process of animating 3D digital characters in immersive games and interactive applications using ReceiveVisualize for Unreal Engine

This wrnch integration for Unreal Engine includes:  

  • wrnch CaptureStream – a free application that you can download to an iOS device or NVIDIA-GPU powered PC to perform markerless motion capture. As you capture human performance, the wrnch Engine detects humans in the video feed and uses powerful human pose estimation algorithms to track skeletal joints to infer human poses and motion. The wrnch Engine outputs 3D animation data using the wrnch eXchange (wrXchange) data protocol. 
  • wrnch ReceiveVisualize for Unreal Engine – an integration with Unreal Engine which receives motion data from wrnch CaptureStream in real time, allowing you to animate 3D character movement directly inside your Unreal Engine games or applications. 

With the ability to perform markerless motion capture and stream data to Unreal in real time, you can deliver interactive experiences, create immersive virtual worlds, and perform virtual production. You can also extract FBX data to create, modify, and test your character animation in applications that support FBX such as Maya, 3DS Max, and Blender. Our process saves significant cost and time compared to traditional mo-cap methods and animation workflows. 

ReceiveVisualize is available as sample code so you can prototype and create your own interactive applications that detects and responds to human movement.

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