Paul Kruszewski

Paul has been hustling and hacking since he was 12, when he leveraged a $250 livestock sale into a $1,000 TRS-80 Color Computer. He enjoys a crisp gin martini (stirred not shaken) whilst reading New Scientist.

Jean-Martin Masse

Manager, lawyer, adviser, cheerleader. There to support Paul and the team and help them achieve their objectives. Loves a good beer and a good laugh.

Maggie Zhang
VP Development

Profoundly driven and passionate by nature, Maggie believes that contagious enthusiasm will instill her and her team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. A perfect day outside work would start with fishing by the lake and end with BBQ and an insane amount of video games.

Dongwook Cho
Senior Scientist

Dongwook dreams of creating a human-like intelligent system that is smart but not too Terminator-smart. He likes his wrenches and ratchets for fixing his car but always complains about a lack of tools.

Wen Zhang
Senior Developer

Wen does a bunch of computer vision-y/graphics-y stuff and dreams in code. His go-to karaoke song is “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads.

Dalei Wang
Senior Developer

With a Ph.D. from Stanford and a stack of well-annotated tech books, Dalei puts high performance into heterogeneous computing. He has a photo of his books on his phone just in case!

Tom Peters
Senior Developer

Tom is fascinated by computing, mathematics, and science. He’s from New Jersey but try not to hold that against him.

Colin Brown

Colin enjoys combining creative and analytical thinking to make better machine learning models. Rather than relaxing, he has spent his last 10 Christmas vacations building a cedar catamaran.

Ana Shapareva

Ana ensures that Paul doesn’t go over budget buying more and more GPUs and other high-tech goodies for the office. She is studying hard for her CPA exams and enjoys baking cakes and dancing Zumba.

Stéphanie Langlois
HR & Office Coordinator

Recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, supporting…and making sure there’s coffee and snacks in the bistro. Stephanie is there to fuel (and refuel) our team. As for her refueling station, it’s on a beach somewhere in the world with a good book and a gin & tonic.

Andrey Tolstikhin

Passionate about hardware, software, and sensory data, especially at their intersection when they come together to create interactive applications. Left to his own devices, Andrey can be found hiking, camping, biking, and finding cleverly over-engineered ways to live off the land.

James Nixon
Junior Developer

James is a recent graduate from McGill with a passion for pushing the boundaries of computing and creating cool stuff. In his spare time he plays the drums in a band and likes to make his own pickles.

Thomas Jan Mahamad

Thomas is passionate about engine programming, computer graphics and digital arts. When not at work, he can be found programming cool stuff with particles and colors, or wandering in forests and mountains.

Daniel Tweed

Fascinated by the dynamic boundary between hardware and software, Daniel believes all problems can and should be solved by applied maths. If ever marooned on a desert island, he hopes for an unlimited supply of books and bibimbap.

Edward Li

Edward is captivated and excited by the latest and greatest algorithms in computer vision , AI and gaming and the problems these algorithms solve.  His spare time involves a lot of him on the basketball court upping his scoring averages or on his keyboard and mouse upping his MMR.

Molly Goldendoodle

Molly spends her days going from desk to desk making sure that all team members have sufficient levels of fur-induced beta endorphins, prolactins, dopamines, oxytocin, and beta phenylethylamines coursing through their systems. Molly enjoys chasing soccer balls in the alley behind her home and running off-leash in the nearby Summit Woods.