Evaluate the wrnch Engine with our pre-built applications

Discover the wrnch Engine

wrnch Engine is a human-centric, computer vision server that enables computers to see and understand human motion, shape, and intent.

To make it easy to evaluate the capabilities of wrnch Engine, we have created a number of tools that you can experiment with.


Use CaptureStream to evaluate wrnch AI

wrnch CaptureStream is available as a native iOS and PC application that captures human motion from the device’s camera and streams 3D motion data to host applications. It is designed to serve as a reference application for developing on the wrnch Engine. It allows developers wanting to create computer vision-enabled applications to discover wrnch functionality and validate their solutions before investing in full-production.​

CaptureStream performs markerless motion capture to record the movements of an actor from a phone or web camera without requiring the person to wear tracking sensors. Human pose estimation is run against the live video feed to identify skeletal joints, poses and movement. Real-time visualizations of the person in motion are displayed on the phone’s screen with an overlay of a 3D avatar.

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Get ReceiveVisualize, the companion app

From the wrnch Developer Portal, developers can install wrnch ReceiveVisualize. Human pose metadata is streamed in real-time from CaptureStream to ReceiveVisualize over a local network, allowing developers to visualize 3D character motion in near real-time.

The local network streaming capabilities of CaptureStream makes it easy to ingest 3D motion capture data into your application. With wrnch wrXchange, our communication protocol, you can easily discover and configure network connections to the wrnch Engine servers.

ReceiveVisualize is available as sample code so developers can start developing on and creating their complete vision system proof of concept using the wrnch Engine.

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